26. - 27. february 2007
ROTTING CHRIST live in Randal Club, Bratislava, Slovakia

Sakis (vocals/guitar), Giorgos (guitar), Andreas (bass) and Themis (drums) hit the stage with bistering set

Rotting Christ played for over 1 hour ___ ________________________

3 songs from the last album Theogonia (2007) were played (The Sign Of Prime Creation, Enuma Elish, Keravnos Kivernitos))

and only 1 encore___ ________________________

27. february 2007
AFTERPARTY in Randal Music Bar

Rotting Christ____________________________________

frontman Brett Hofmann of Malevolent Creation_____________

Sakis____________________________________Graf von Beelzebub frontman of Mystic Circle

Incantation frontman John McEntee surrounded by fans ______

Themis with gorgeous slovak fan_______________________

drummer Jim Roe (Engorge, ex-Incantation)
filling in for
Incantation drummer Kyle Severn

Sakis with slovak black metal writer and poet Agda Bavi Pain___

Sakis with Agda B. Pain___ ___________